Larry Green is a Republican who is a candidate in the non-partisan race for the Martin County School Board, District 5


Unfinished Business

My father was a teacher for 39 years.  When I entered the field of education, he told me that I would never be financially rich, but I could still be wealthy.  I was unsure of what he meant.  But I surely know now, I AM truly a wealthy man.  The Martin County School District has given me 38 fantastic years.  I have been blessed with thousands of students who I have been able to educate.  They have made me a WEALTHY man.  My wife has been a teacher in Martin County for 29 years, and my children are both products of the Martin County School System.  As you can see, I have a stake in this system.  I truly believe in the Martin County Schools.

I moved to Martin County 38 years ago and began my teaching career at Port Salerno Elementary School.  In April, I retired from the post of principal at Pinewood Elementary School.  My reasons to run for school board are not to further my political career or to bolster my resume.  My intentions are plain and simple, to continue making Martin County the best school district in the state.  My campaign theme is, “Unfinished Business.”

Philosophy and Platform:

■Advocate for valid and necessary testing

■Engage the community to be involved in our schools

■Fairly compensate staff

I have a track record of turning schools’ academic achievement around, raising test scores at all schools that I served at as an administrator.  My record of academic excellence, knowledge of the school district, budgeting and school administration fits well for the job of school board member.

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Twitter:  @lg4schoolboard