This week Congressional Republicans are scheduled to hold hearings over a brazen assault on private industry by President Obama’s labor union committee, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). The NLRB, which is controlled by Democrats, filed a lawsuit attempting to prevent Boeing from building its new line of planes in Right-to-Work South Carolina that would have created 1,000 new manufacturing jobs in one of the states hardest hit by the Obama Economy. With national unemployment ticking up to 9.1 percent and long term joblessness at record levels, one might think President Obama would jump at the opportunity to boost job creation before an election that will be a referendum on his handling of the economy. Not so. Unfortunately when it comes to Barack Obama and his union bosses, not all jobs are created equal.

This is the latest example of executive overreach from an Administration that has been flexing its regulatory enforcement muscles in an effort to benefit labor unions allies which form the core of Obama’s reelection effort. At the heart of the matter are federal Right-to-Work laws, which allow states like South Carolina to ban the practice of forcing workers to join and support a union as a condition of being hired. And with such a key Democrat political constituency in decline and lukewarm enthusiasm coming from labor leaders, this Administration has made Right-to-Work a top political target ahead of what is guaranteed to be a very tough campaign for the President.

While that strategy may curry favor with the liberal base, the Administration’s actions against Boeing are setting a dangerous precedent that is causing additional uncertainty for businesses looking to expand and grow while the economy remains in a fragile state. Moreover, the lawsuit is another example of overreach by this Administration which has in essence told an iconic American company how to run its business and has intimidated its corporate officers. These bullying tactics will only further stifle job creation and could even force some companies overseas. Even Washington State’s (the state where the Administration is seeking to have the planes be built) top newspapers say the NLRB’s actions have crossed the line.  With the American manufacturing sector shedding 5,000 jobs in May, this latest assault on American job creators could not have come at worse time.

It is nothing short of hypocritical for President Obama to travel the country telling businesses to start “betting on American workers” while his Administration squashes thousands of good paying American jobs solely for political reasons. Sadly, this stunt is par for the course for the Obama Administration and the latest in a long line of White House policies specifically designed to benefit Democrat special interests. Democrats understand that President Obama doesn’t stand a chance winning a second term without energizing Big Labor, so they are circling the wagons and doling out political favors without any regard to the economic consequences. The White House has become so focused on the next election that even job creation has been reduced to a political calculation. If this is the kind of economic leadership the President plans on continuing for a second term, there is little question that the American people will deny him the opportunity.

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